Managed Care Billing Specialist

Company Name:
LPC Healthcare Recruiting Solutions Inc
Managed Care Billing Specialist
As Managed Care Billing Specialist you will concentrate on billing and collections to provide excellent accounts receivable recovery. Focus will be on the managed care revenue cycle in order to optimize revenue, improve cash flow and strengthen the companys financial position. This Specialist will be responsible for managed care claims.
The Managed Care Billing Specialist will perform tasks to ensure the systematic and timely resolution of all accounts with the ability to follow-up and document all collection activity in the accounting system.
We live our Core Values of Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Teamwork & Stewardship every day with every life we touch, providing exceptional healthcare and exceeding expectations.
1. Assist with the collection of accounts that are 60 days or older.
2. Ensure good documentation on all accounts.
3. Establish a good liaison with the contracted Managed Care companies.
4. Maintain manuals with specific guidelines to billing of claims.
5. Ability to read and comprehend contracts and calculate reimbursements.
6. Effectively collect or resolve patient accounts receivable and monitor A/R agings and write-offs.
7. Assist facilities in resolving patient accounts through collections and/or by contractual adjustment.
8. Assist facilities in keeping managed care companies updated on all account changes.
9. Responsible for checking status and documenting all assigned insurance accounts and submitting claims for billing or rebilling electronically or via hard copy.
Experience in filing and collecting insurance claims, particularly in the field of Long Term care, is required.
This position requires exceptional understanding of Managed Care policies and knowledge of the UB04.
Ability to effectively communicate with management, coworkers, and managed care companies is necessary.
University degree or equivalent preferred.
The ability to read

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