Senior Web Developer (ASP.NET and C#)

Company Name:
Start date: Within Two Weeks
Minimum salary: 85000.00 USD
Maximum salary: 100000.00 USD
Salary period: Annual
SalaryAdditional: bonus
Primary Responsibilities Include:
Develop easy to use Web solutions that are visually appealing to support all procurement, ordering and reporting activities Design efficient and scalable database structures to support our online applications Perform general server maintenance/cleanup routines, monitor disk space, monitor activity and monitor server response times Configure and troubleshoot IIS 7.x+ Aggressively learn new technology trends, languages and opportunities; train other programmers in new technologies and proactively drive changes within the organization Participate in design sessions and review sessions with technical and business teams, with a focus on global solutions Work with internal stakeholders to understand business requirements and develop specifications Provide site demos and training to internal team members Write test plans and record results Create estimates and manage against project designs and budgets Adhere to departmental and SOX policies and procedures for compliance to ensure company wide consistent standards Provide management with regular communication on the progress of projects and other initiatives
The Senior Web Developer will have a Bachelors degree or equivalent combination of education and experience with a minimum of five years of direct programming experience in designing and developing Web solutions with the following minimum skill set:
Web Services (WCF, ASMX, Web Methods) HTML NET 4.0 in C# via n-tier applications using design pattern architectures CSS 2/3 including on-hand knowledge of stylesheet shorthand, expressions, cross-browser compliance, stylesheet only disciplines ORM including EF4 and LINQ XML including .NET's XmlDocument and XSD generated classes 3rd party .NET components such as Telerik and Devexpress and 3rd party API including Quartz JavaScript, Ajax, COM, ActiveX objects, Photoshop Illustrator Database management, SQL Server 2008 and SSIS Packages Subversion repositories Candidates must have experience completing the full cycle of the project development process from database design through final testing.
Other desirable but not required technologies include:
Flash MVC Lambda Expression trees delegates

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